Quick Updates

10/7/07 - New website skin installed
9/25/07 - Finally got the new XHTML / CSS code written and uploaded. Sorry about the delay.
9/18/07 - Added cell phone content button. Forums open.
9/14/07 - Newly-coded site uploaded. Coded in XHTML and uses Divs and CSS. I rule.

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Tribe Swap Callouts Terms

In order for your application to join the tribe swap team to be valid, you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You will not spill or leak information found in the private tribe swap forums to the public, or any person or group of persons not part of the tribe swap team.
  2. I (Josh "Suleiman" Miller) will give you specific instructions on what to do according to your job. You are to do that and only that unless told otherwise by me.
  3. Once given a job, do it as correct as possible. For example, if I ask you to switch the red and blue tribes, don't switch the blue tribe with half the red and half the yellow.

These terms and conditions can and most likely will be updated by Suleiman and any given time.