Quick Updates

10/7/07 - New website skin installed
9/25/07 - Finally got the new XHTML / CSS code written and uploaded. Sorry about the delay.
9/18/07 - Added cell phone content button. Forums open.
9/14/07 - Newly-coded site uploaded. Coded in XHTML and uses Divs and CSS. I rule.

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Terms and Conditions

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1. You may not copy images, sounds, or any other content from this site without permission from its owner, Josh "Suleiman" Miller. All rights reserved.

2. You may link to this website without permission of the owner. Use this code to link:

<a href="http://www.populous3.co.nr">The Dakini Hut</a>

Adjustments may be made to fit the font size, color, and face of your website. If you'd like to include an image when linking to this site, contact me.

3. The FTP to this website is set to private so that only the owner can view it. If anybody else who is not the owner or the site host views the FTP without permission, he or she shall receive an IP ban from the owner.

4. The content and links on this website, if taken from another website or other source of inrofmation, has been credited to that source. If you would like to take any links from this website to put on your own, you must get the permission of the owner of the website the link is linked to.

5. These terms and conditions may change without notice.

If any of these rules besides rule three are broken by the visitor, he or she shall first receive a warning. If the visitor continues to violate the rules, he or she shall receive an IP ban from the owner.

These rules have been set to protect this website from any harm.