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10/7/07 - New website skin installed
9/25/07 - Finally got the new XHTML / CSS code written and uploaded. Sorry about the delay.
9/18/07 - Added cell phone content button. Forums open.
9/14/07 - Newly-coded site uploaded. Coded in XHTML and uses Divs and CSS. I rule.

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Here is the downloads section. I will put any downloads for Populous including modifications (mods), maps, map editing tools, or miscellaneous programs.

Some of the programs haven't been made by players (or have but the creators have quit) and its okay to put those on, but some have been made by players that still play today, and I'll put the text and a description, but for those there will be no link until I get the creator's permission.

I will add to this collection of downloads as much as possible. There are many Populous downloads out there.

  • Populous Full Download - This is the Populous 3 full download. I'm not entirely sure who made this little program, so if you made it or you know who made it, contact me.
  • Populous Patch 1.03 - You must have this patch to play Populous online. It also fixes a few bugs.
  • Switched Shaman Incantations - This program will automatically switch the player shaman's incantations with the opposing shaman's incantations. This file is 33.3 MB in size.
  • Populous Demo - The official Populous demo.
  • Populous Trainer - A trainer for Populous. Made by ALACN.
  • Populous Symmetry Tool - A program that creates perfect symmetry on any world you want, allowing the world designer to create only half the map and reflect it across an imaginary horizontal and/or vertical line. Made by TedTycoon. Link updated.
  • Populous Fonts - These are all of the fonts used in Populous. The font I use on the images for and related to this site is MasonSansAlternate Bold.
  • Web Design Kit - Make your website look a bit better with this web design kit.
  • Populous World Editor - This is easily the most popular Populous map editor out there. It's user-friendly construction tools and 3D map projection makes it very easy to use. Made by ALACN.
  • Undiscovered Worlds - The Populous: The Beginning expansion pack.
  • AI Editor - This program will compile and decompile artificial intelligence scripts in the game, allowing players to edit it directly. The Populous AI are coded with a completely Bullfrog-proprietary code (maybe called PopScript), and you must learn it before you can code.
  • PopSound - This program allows you to decompile all 495 sounds of Populous. Please read the readme!
  • Unlock All Levels - This is a savegame file that you can put in the \Populous\SAVE\ folder to access all twenty-five worlds in Populous.
  • Populous Web Browser - This cool program made by PopBot has a variety of features including tabs with all of the best Populous websites saved onto them, internet browsing, email, chat, and more.

Cell Phone Content

How to use:
If you want to use these ringtones and text alerts on your phone, you must have internet access on your cell phone. Under each ringtone or text alert choice is a code. Go to that URL on your cell phone and it should ask you if you'd like to download a file. Click yes and it should begin the download. Once you're done downloading, you should be able to find your ringtone or text alert in the audio section of your cell phone. Remember, these ringtones are 100% free and will work on any phone!


Ingame Background Music One

Menu Background Music

Text Alerts

Lightning Incantation

Blast Incantation

Shaman "Ka"

Preacher Preaching