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Creator: Plosmephere
Banned: No
Difficulty: 9/10

Ubers are a very popular Populous trick discovered by player Plosmephere. All you have to do is get create a hole in the land. Get a flat piece of land and create a canyon in it. It should be a very skinny canyon and should come to a point at the very bottom.

Instruct your followers to gather beside the canyon and blast them in. Let them "cook," as some people call it. By this they mean wait until their health bars are very, very long. You shouldn't even be able to see the top anymore. But what happens during this stage is the follower will spin around and go nuts, basically, down there.

So here's what you do to get your ubers out: simply cast a landbridge and patch up the canyon. You could also cast a tornado into the canyon if you want to use the canyon again.

Its that simple. But keep in mind, out of every 20 followers, only about 5 are ubers, if you're lucky. Also keep in mind that uber shamans will have the very high health but will also be able to cast spells at an infinite range if you "cook" them for long enough. Have fun!

Video Tutorial