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Tribe Swap Callouts

So, you wanna help with the tribe swap, huh? Well, that's great! Just fill out the form below. I am, however, asking a few things from you.

Not another Populous 4!

Remember Populous 4? If you don't, it was a game I was the producer of that was exactly like Populous 3 graphics-wise, but with a completely new storyline where you played as the red tribe battling the three others. It was to come with new cutscenes, new levels, and a new menu. However, my team sort of quit on me. We got the tribe swap about 85% done and had six or seven levels made, and then school started and everyone dropped the project.

I promised my visitors Populous: Reversed for over a year, and because of its "creator," [GoD]Shao, its release never came. I don't want this to happen again. What this means is, before you fill out the form below, decide on whether you really want to go through with a project like this. I need loyalty!

Know how to edit the game.

Now come on, do you seriously think I'm going to let you in on this project if you found Populous 3 on a dusty shelf at your local Gamestop and played the singleplayer campaign for a week? I need people who are experienced with the game and know how to edit it. I do have a tool that allows you to switch the sprites and there is a tool that extracts 3d objects, but you've got to be good with modifying aspects of Populous if you wish to be on the team.

Are you trustworthy...?

Information regarding this project, such as how far we've gotten towards the completion of it, must be kept secret.* If your best friend in the whole wide world isn't on the team, you are, and he/she asks you to send them the unfinished program, will you? If you answer yes, you're probably not who I'm looking for.

Back when I was doing to Populous 4 project, information constantly got leaked out. I'd rather that not repeat here.

*Before, this statement read "this project must be kept a secret," or something of that nature. That's not what I meant, so I changed it.

"So what's in it for me?"

Ah, so you wanna know what's in it for you? Well, certainly not $20 an hour, as much as I wish this could be possible! Unfortunately I'm going to have to leave it at the cheesy "the reward for your workload is the respect of your fellow community members" thing. This is a volunteer project, so you're not going to get much back besides street cred!

So here's the plan. Once I get applications and select the people I need for the job, I'll release the list of people who made it on the front page of the site. I'll then make a forum on my site so that you (the team members) can communicate with each other easier.

After the project is about 70% done, I'll release screenshots on the site. After it's done, I'll make a whole page dedicated to the project. Of course, credit will be given where it's due!

So if you're still reading this, you must think you're the man (or woman) I'm looking for, right? Well that's great! The list of jobs you may apply for is below. If the job doesn't have a line through it, you're good to go! Just fill out the form, read and agree to the terms and conditions, and submit your application!

If you're experienced in an area I haven't covered in the list and think you could help the team, go ahead and email me anyway! I could use all the help I can get! If the job you really wanted is already taken (which is unlikely because I'm going to try and have one person doing one particular thing for every tribe), you may still send in an application, but the chances of me accepting it will have decreased.

Jobs Currently Open

Sprite Switching
Sprite Switching
Sprite Switching
3D Objects
3D Objects
3D Objects
Palette Files - This person will switch the palette files in Populous.
Palette Files
Programmer** - Visual Basics or C++

*Last time we tried to do a stribe swap we were presented with obstacles we never got around. For instance, the height of the smoke coming out of the chimneys on most huts were too low or too high after a full tribe swap. I'm going to need someone to look into this problem and possibly others.

**The programmer will make a program that swaps the necessary files for the player to play a certain tribe for the player since some people aren't techincally talented enough to do it manually. It doens't really matter what programming language it's coded in.

Application Form

Name - This is just your online username. It doesn't have to be your real name.

Email Address - This must be a valid address!

What job are you looking to get?

Other Comments - Optional, but it would help me decide whether you're good for the job or not.

I've read the terms and condition..